Wellness Programme

Developing and Supporting Organisations

Workplace Wellness

Ensuring employee happiness within the workplace is becoming a significant reason why organisations are focussing on wellbeing. Implementing a Wellness Programme not only supports the wellbeing of employees whilst at work, the positive effects can be felt even after leaving work. We have developed a Wellness Programme to support your organisation on this journey of a fundamental transformation.



How our Wellness Programme can help your organisation

  • Supporting individuals in creating harmony and balance within themselves and their environment
  • Support in gaining clarity of mind
  • Bringing about a more healthier and happier working environment
  • Increasing productivity
  • Motivate individuals to adopt healthy behaviours (reducing/stopping smoking, improving healthy eating habits)
  • Inspiring individuals to see beyond their current situation




Sample of some topics we offer:

  • Healthy cooking – ideas and cooking lessons
  • Healthy snacking for a more productive day
  • Basic yoga to relieve stress
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques inner calmness
  • How to utilise nature to destress and for peace and tranquillity away from a busy environment
  • This is a bespoke service and we have other topics which can be delivered



Assist in developing a wellness coworking space/room for staff. Also, we can project manage the design and execution of the space.

  • Support in highlighting rooms within the workplace which can be used for sustainable coworking space(s)
  • Assistance in designing the space so it encompasses the wellbeing of all staff
  • Project managing the coworking space – colours, furnishing, ambiance; taking into consideration ergonomics, aesthetics and creating a multi-sensory experience
  • Step 1

    Recognise the advantages of a Wellness Programme for your organisation
  • Step 2

    Contact us for advice and to support with implementation
  • Step 3

    Notice the positive impact it has on staff and the work environment