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Exploring the Avant-Garde World of Remote Jobs

When deciding that you want more work-life-harmony in your life, why not become audacious in your search for original remote jobs.

Years ago, when people wanted to work from home, they were limited with the types of jobs that were on offer to them.  Quite a few of these job roles were usually data entry inputting, or even stuffing envelopes!! These jobs are still available today; however, we are now in 2019, and have been met with an influx of innovative and pioneering ways for people to work remotely.

Let’s take a look at how modernism has changed and revolutionised the gamut of work available.

1. Artists/Cartoonist

A quick online search brought up quite a few companies who are looking for people who can work with specific themes; sculpturing, painting or drawing.  The ability to be ‘lost’ in your artistic world, will give artists a lot of enjoyment in what they produce. There are options to use individual, cutting edge skills with watercolours, acrylic or pastels to create a work of art.

2. Illustrators

Illustrators are still in demand – only difference – you get the freedom to work wherever you choose.  Magazines and book publishers will accept the traditional hand drawn illustrations, as well as computer-generated drawings.  There are other projects illustrators can work on – calendars, catalogues, billboards, posters and newspapers are just a few. Start to build a collection of your drawings, before approaching these companies, showcasing your inimitable artistic talents.

3. Animator

The film industry is teaming with animation positions.  If you have an animation qualification or experience, then prepare your showreel! Be unique and imaginative in putting together something which will push those boundaries.

Animation is not only used in films, but in other areas, like web designing or game developing.  As the industry has grown considerably over the last decade, so has the need for animators. Working in an animation studio can be an ideal way to gain valuable experience, although this is not necessary.

4. Photographer

You may go out and take photographs for fun. Have you thought about earning from having fun?  If you already have professional photography equipment, this may be a rewarding opening. The freelance world of photography is vast!! There are so many companies paying photographers for their work.  The good news is….you can choose a genre you enjoy taking photographs of – people, nature, animals, buildings, food – the list is endless! Look at taking your photography down the avant-garde experimental route; reconnoitring new dimensions in this field.

5. Tattoo Designer

If you are a tattooist you could use your skills to become a freelancer designer.  You get to work with individual clients to create one-off designs which are pertinent to them.  Tattoo artists also design; however, there are companies employing people to concentrate on just the design aspect, which can be reproduced by a tattoo artist.  The opportunity to be free to use your creative flare will certainly make you the talk of the town.

Be radical….be a revolutionary artist!

The list of artistic remote jobs available is immense.  Research what is trending in the avant-garde world of art (or, better still, ‘just be you’). Build up a portfolio of your work ready to send to companies that are hiring.  Assess your skills, experience and talents, then search for the type of roles you can see yourself doing. Apply for positions, omitting any doubt of your abilities – you never know until you try.  Push those boundaries with your art and get noticed. Most importantly, do what you love doing as that will bring you most joy and happiness.

Peace and Prosperity

Kingfisher Remote Jobs Team

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