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5 must-have gadgets for remote workers #4

Welcome to Tech Thursday – we will be featuring various different tech gadgets suitable for roaming and working. All gadgets will have a link to a site which sells them; although, you are free to search wherever you want to get the best price or find suitable alternatives.

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laptops being limited to just the single laptop screen can be frustrating. Millions of computer users understand the huge productivity gains that additional computer screens can bring. By reducing or eliminating the time spent switching back and forth between different programs, additional screens can allow you to get things done much more quickly.

Buy it now for $184 here for US

Sewell MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer

The MOS, Magnetic Organisation System, is a unique and elegant solution for organising and keeping track of your cables. Simply set the end of your cable on the MOS when it’s not in use and the MOS will magnetically hold it in place until you’re ready to put it to use again. The MOS is ideal for organising the cables on your desk or on the wall above your phone charger and countless other places.

Buy it now for $9.95 here for US or £8.62 here for UK

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480

a keyboard for your computer that also works with your tablet and smartphone. This unique keyboard with integrated smartphone/tablet cradle makes it a breeze to switch between typing on three different Bluetooth devices.

Buy it now for $29.22 here for US or £47.48 here for UK

XDDesign Solar Battery Charger

This New Window Emergency Solar Battery Charger will help you nail this mission. Just attach it to your window, wait for it to absorb the sun’s energy before juicing up your gadgets.

Buy it now for $70 here for US

SUMGOTT 1200mpbs Wifi Dongle

You can get WIFI speed of 1200Mbps within a thousand feet even if sitting in courtyard. This is perfect for remote workers on the go and need the fastest connection possible.

Buy it now for $11.19 here for US or £19.99 here for UK

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