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How to Start The Diversification of Self

The world is forever fluctuating and evolving; nothing remains static.  In the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of new products and services available to consumers.

When businesses diversify they go through transformation; increasing or adding to their range of products or services. Businesses need to diversify in order to keep ahead – not getting left behind as the world advances.  

With the above in mind, remember, diversification is an investment, what are you doing to invest in yourself?  What changes are you making in your life so that you do not get left behind? How are you adding value to yourself?  How are you upskilling yourself? These are important questions to ask yourself as it enables you to start the ball rolling, so to speak.  You will be able to find out where there may be a skill/knowledge gap, and how to fill that gap in order to capitalise on the changes which are happening.

In the remote working field there are a variety of different jobs which are available, some which are still to be revealed.  You may look at these jobs and straight away decide you have not obtained the relevant skills, experience or qualifications to apply for them.  STOP!! Take a closer look – some of the skills and qualifications these companies are asking for can be obtained, and sometimes it’s much easier than you can imagine.


With the proliferation of online courses; gaining new qualifications and skills are a lot easier, and can now open up doors for you.  Some courses are accredited, so you gain a recognised qualification; however, even the non-accredited courses are of value. For a small monetary investment, in yourself, you can become qualified or knowledgeable in a field you are looking to work in.  Look for discount courses on websites that offer these, or use voucher codes, if available, to get a percentage off.

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You say, “But where am I going to gain the experience to go with the qualification?”  Good question! Have you thought about volunteering your services? You could volunteer your time to build your portfolio.  If volunteering is not an option, you may be able to offer a service (using the skills and knowledge you have gained) to individuals who will pay; charging a lower rate than the going rate.  Helping friends and family is usually a good place to start.

Qualified or not, build your portfolio and showcase on social media accounts.  Some of those followers may be potential buyers of your products/services.

Transferable skills – guess what; we all have them!!  Look at what you already know and have already done, and word your CV/resume accordingly.  You may think you have minimal IT skills but then suddenly remember that website you put together for a friend.  Or, the logo you designed a few months ago. It all counts for getting off the block and keeping in the race.


There are other ways you can diversify yourself – keep abreast with current trends in the field you want to go in; network and connect with people who are doing what you would like to do; taking on a new hobby which may lead to a better paid job or even opening up an idea for your own business.

By adding value to yourself and diversifying to change with the times – you are empowering yourself! There is no better feeling than knowing that you have what it takes to keep ahead and remain in the game.

Peace and Prosperity

Kingfisher Remote Jobs Team

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