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5 must-have gadgets for remote workers #2

Welcome to Tech Thursday – we will be featuring various different tech gadgets suitable for roaming and working. All gadgets will have a link to a site which sells them; although, you are free to search wherever you want to get the best price or find suitable alternatives.

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KRJ Team

1.CHAFON 4 in 1 multi USB charging cable

Laptops, Tablets, Phones…are things what we all use on a daily basis. And most of these devices wont have the same charging port making it a pain to find the right one laying in your household or in your bag.

Chafon’s 4 in 1 USB charging cable has a port for each device in 1 cable. It has USB 2.0, USB C, Micro USB and a Thunderbolt cable. Allowing you to charge many devices at once. The Cable is extra slim and durable, making it ideal for travelling and working away from home.

Buy it now for $15.99 here for US or £22 here for UK

2.Satechi Travel Charger

Travel chargers are essential when travelling or on the go. Satechi Travel charger is a lightweight, ultra-compact travel charger what has USB C, USb 2.0 and 3.0. It also has ”QUALCOMM QUICK CHARGE 3.0” what supposedly can charge 38% faster than other USB ports. This is apple certified so you can use a lightning cable in the type C slot. Buy it now for $15.99 here for US or £22 here for UK

Buy it now for $59.99 here for US or £59.99 here for UK

3.BAGSMART Travel Electronic Portable Case

If your looking to keep all your cable,accessories… all in one place then a travel case maybe something for you. Bagsmarts Travel case is made exactly for tech and to hold cables, memory sticks, SDcards, Phones and more. This case is very affordable,lightweight and portable.

Buy it now for $21.99 here for US or £18.99 here for UK

4.Kingston USB C to USB 3.1 Flash Drive

This is a tiny flash drive what takes up no space at all. The main feature of this flash drive is the fact that it can be used in a USB and USB C port. This flash drive can be used as extra storage for phones/tablets what use USB type C or as a normal flash drive for desktops and laptops.

Its comes in 4 models 16gb, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb

Buy the 32gb model here for $9.49 here for US or £9.17 here for UK

5.Belkin 3-Outlet SurgePlus Mini Travel Swivel Charger

This power surge is perfect for remote workers what like to go to coffee shops or libraries to work. Belkins power outlet gives you additional 3 power outlets and 2 USB ports. It also can be rotated 360 degrees to allow you to charge from any angle.

Buy it now for $14.47 here for US (not available anywhere else)

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