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5 must-have gadgets for remote workers #1

Welcome to Tech Thursday – we will be featuring various different tech gadgets suitable for roaming and working. All gadgets will have a link to a site which sells them; although, you are free to search wherever you want to get the best price, or find suitable alternatives.

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Finding it hard to focus on work? keep watching videos/movies online? Well Saent is the device for you.

Saent is a small little gadget made to ”Instantly boost your productivity” by blocking any sites what you deem to be ‘unproductive’ for a set amount of time. This little device could help you boost your remote working capabilities drastically. This device is no larger than an average pocket allowing you to bring this almost anywhere.

Buy it now for $59 (£30) here


Chromecast is a must have when working remotely. This device will allow you to display your work anywhere in your home. Casting from one device to another. Chromecast can be used on phones,tablets,laptops,desktops and TV’s.

Buy it now for $35 (£30) here

3.Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

USB is used everywhere and on everything even if your not a remote worker who uses a ton of USB ports, this device will still be good to have around. This hub will give you access to 4 more USB ports what can be used for charging your phone or powering portable storage.

Anker is known for there high durability and portability and that’s what makes this USB hub ideal for remote workers

Buy it now for $9.99 here for US or £30 here for UK

4.RAVPower Portable Powerbank

For remote workers who like to go out and about and travel. A portable power bank will do you wonders. RAVPower’s Portable powerbank allows you to charge Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Cameras… Anywhere you go.

Buy it now for $86.99 here for US or £89 here for UK

kopack Travel Backpack

Backpacks are essential when travelling. Kopack offers a comfortable, slim backpack that doesn’t sacrifice storage space. This backpack has a usb port, Anti-theft pockets, Card storage and more. This is ideal for remote workers looking to travel the world.

Buy it now for $37.99 here for US or £32.99 here for UK

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