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Practical Ways to Transition to Working Remotely

The number of companies offering remote work positions is growing at an alarming rate.  All over the world companies are beginning to realise that this way of working can be efficient and productive.  This is great news for people wanting to get away from more traditional ways of working.

What if you have been working the conventional way for many years – say in an office.  You then decide you want to join the remote working revolution. How do you make the switch from working in one place, maybe the same company, to being able to work from home, a coffee shop, in the park, coworking spaces, on the beach…..??  How are you going to accomplish that shift successfully?

Let us try and support your transition.

Great Things Await You!

Like with all new job positions you are going to be the ‘new kid on the block’.  You may be faced with something that you have never have done before – on a long term basis.  Of course, you may feel a sense of loss for the place you are leaving behind (even if you never liked your job).  Hey, we have good news for you – an abundance of great things awaits you!! You will have more flexibility, avoid peak traffic times, and enhance your work-life balance.  Not forgetting, the chance to stay in your pj’s a little longer – what could be better!

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Make New ‘Work’ Colleagues Through Networking

Remember those work colleagues you used to complain about?  You now start to wonder what are you going to do without those connections.  Worst excuse ever to go back to the 9-5! There are thousands of coworking spaces around the world.  Each month more and more coworking spaces pop up; this is definitely not a trend. These flexible office spaces offer a wealth of opportunities to collaborate and network with other remote workers, start-ups, freelancers…..just about anyone who is using these spaces.  You will have more control and can now dictate your alone times.

To Structure, Or Not To Structure: That Is The Question

You may have spent years in an inflexible, structured work environment; having to start work at a certain time, having lunch at a certain time, leaving to go home at a certain time.  The conditioning of structured work patterns has its benefits; however, you do not need to continue this way when you commence to work remotely (not unless the job has particular things needing to be done at specific times).  Break the habit sooner rather than later. Wake up earlier or later, get rid of the stimuli of the alarm clock, have lunch when you want to have lunch. You should not get rid of structure, just make your work days more loosely structured.  


By making positive changes, soon after transitioning into a new remote work position, will help you adapt quicker to this way of working.  You will also be less likely to miss the old work habits.

Peace and Prosperity

Kingfisher Remote Jobs Team

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