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How to communicate with employees working remotely

With a rise in new digital technology resources, remote working is fast becoming a popular choice for employers.  Technology is dictating the way we live and the way we now work. The once difficult task of communicating with people working from home (or the more modern term – remotely), has now been revolutionised to make life somewhat easier to connect. Also, there are now more people using mobile devises, with more communication apps becoming readily available – staying connected has never been easier.

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WhatsApp is not only good for messaging, calling friends and family, but is now being successfully used by companies to connect with employees.  No matter where your employee is working, or even where you are working, from Austria to Zanzibar, as long as there is internet connection you can keep in touch – calls, group calls, messaging, group chats, video calls


Skype was launched well over fifteen years ago; however, it is still frequently used by many people for video calls.  As well as video calls, Skype offers calls to mobiles and landlines. For a small monthly fee, you can have business conferencing for up to 250 people; that could mean employers can have a conference with the whole remote working team at the same time!  Some other features of Skype are – screen sharing, forwarding calls and voice messaging – all from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Google Hangouts Meets

Google’s G-Suite allows users to connect with each other for meetings and chats through Google Hangouts Meets.  Employers can add a meeting to their Google Calendar and start to reap the benefits, which include: linking meetings with events in your calendar, inviting up to 50 employees to the meeting and being able to invite people, who may not be sure if they can attend, by just sending them a link to access the meeting.


Instagram allows you to create up to five accounts, on your smartphone, at any one time.  You may have your business account with 10K+ followers, and there is no way you can post work schedules there.  Option two – create a private Instagram account just for your employees! You can tell them about events coming up, notify of policy/procedure changes, meetings and competitions.  Give employees the login details so that it becomes an all-inclusive social media account; possibly with a set of rules of what can/cannot be posted. Being a remote worker does not have to mean ‘remote’ in every sense of the word.

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Face-to-Face (not Facebook!)

Nothing beats communicating with someone face-to-face!  If location, time, finances and feasibility are not an issue, then why not meet with your employees the traditional way.  In amongst the digital technology there is always room for physical connection with others; fully engaging all your five senses with the delights of knowing that they are not redundant.  Take the opportunity to sample the delights of another town or country, have lunch, wherever your employee is located – this could be sitting by a Moai Stone Statue in Easter Island, or on a beach in Maui Hawaii.  By the way…you will not find our beautiful blue-eared kingfisher in Hawaii; although, you will find its just as beautiful cousin the belted kingfisher.

Peace and Prosperity

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