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Five Ways Remote Workers can Incorporate Wellness

There are many definitions of what wellness is. An internet search can bring up a variety of meanings.

Let’s take wellness as a state of being well in all areas of your life.  Perhaps you can see it as taking more control of what is happening from the time you awake to when you go to sleep. The aim is to maintain a healthy balance.  How that materialises is entirely up to you.

How could wellness translate to someone who is working remotely?  Could it mean ensuring you are getting and taking suitable breaks away from work?  Could meeting and connecting with other people be beneficial for your wellness, along with connecting with a calming environment and sustaining a healthy diet?  How would you find out what things have a positive impact on your lifestyle? How would you then go about making any changes? These are just a few questions you may need to ask yourself.  

Incorporating Wellness

1) Keeping a journal – Keeping a journal is a great way to express thoughts and feelings of what went well during the day.  It will enable you to make any changes you feel necessary to enhance your wellbeing.

2) What brings out the best in me? – By asking this question you may be able to narrow down the things which make your life more enjoyable and fun.  This is when you give yourself permission to be honest and truthful with yourself; let your thoughts roam free without judgement.  You may be surprised with the answers that come back.

3) Living life to the fullest! – This could mean different things to different people.  Perhaps eating a healthy diet; incorporating lots of fruit and vegetables.  It could mean setting realistic goals for the day/week. Being solution focussed as opposed to fixating on a problem.  Sometimes, you may have to work alone – so networking and communicating with colleagues does not occur that often. Trust yourself to find solutions and don’t be hard on yourself.  

4) Getting out and about – Some people would assume the term ‘remote worker’ means working and travelling, or getting out and about.  However, some remote workers work full time from home. How would you manage to get out and about? The same way you have tasks for work to undertake which is time bound, the same way you give yourself time to undertake certain things you want to do. Basically, set a schedule so that you can accomplish ‘me time.’  This could be anything from setting a timer to go for a walk/gym/jog etc. – before, after or during your work, to only taking on tasks which do not overwhelm you.

5) Relaxation of mind and body

So, you accomplished work tasks for the day…..then you get back on your laptop to take care of personal emails.  When do you take time to switch off and relax away from technology? Relaxation has many benefits and does not have to be done outdoors.  It can easily be achieved at home by: sitting still, taking deep breaths and being in a state of joy and happiness. Having experience of teaching relaxation techniques, I can personally say that it has so many benefits.

One last word…

Define what wellness means for you and remember you are more than a ‘remote worker!’

Peace and Prosperity

Kingfisher Remote Jobs Team

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