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‘Escaping’ the Rat Race!

What was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

I had been commuting daily, around London, for a while – jumping on and off trains, tubes, buses, taxis. It was over a period of a couple of months, in 2018, that I started to really pay attention to the journey. I began to observe commuters, who used the various services to get to and from work. One thing struck me….most people (including myself) seemed drained, tired and worn out. I may have been wrong and they could have been feeling happy and content. However, speaking from my own perspective; there was a lot wrong with this archaic way of working.

When I really paid attention to what I was doing, I became aware that I was beginning to function robotically. There was no ‘me’ anymore! Was I metamorphosing into Artificial Intelligence!?

The monotony of the daily commute

My day consisted of driving to the train station, running to get the train (if I missed it, then that would mean anxiety and stress coming from the very thought of being late for work). Once on the train, I had to circumnavigate myself through the carriages to find a seat to myself – I needed that ‘alone’ time to psych myself up for the day ahead; even if it was for only fifteen minutes.

Then came the dreaded jostling to get on the tube; a time for concentrated fortitude. Sandwiched in what would seem like a giant tin….the only resolve….the tin doors opening up to offer much needed relief.

Watching everyone synchronise on and off, myself included, became wearisome and repetitive. I started to ask myself the question; “there must be another way to work, as this is not the best way.”

How can Kingfisher Remote Jobs Help?

We believe that when you have financial commitments but the day job is not conducive to your

well-being, you may need a change. The change can either happen from going to another job which requires commuting or to a position with no (or very little) commuting.

Kingfisher Remote Jobs is all about supporting people in that transitioning stage. This is the phase between leaving the 9-5 job, including daily commute, and possibly setting up your own business. Let’s face it….it’s hard to set up a business when commuting and working long hours!

You may not want to set up your own business and may be fortunate to find a remote job, through us, which is just what you wanted. Either way – if we have helped you on your journey to a better destination (enabling you experience inner-peace and harmony) then we have succeeded with our objective!

How have things been since launching on 31st January 2019?

“To see the beauty of a tree, you need to let it grow.”

Stay with us and become one of us; we are a community. Our journey and destinations (there is always more than one) is amazingly intertwined.

Peace and Prosperity

Kingfisher Remote Jobs Team

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