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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Kingfisher Remote Jobs first Blog!!

A bit of information about us

We are a small team of individuals; who, after years of long commutes to work by train/bus/car, we wanted to find a better way to work in 2019. We had a passion and a burning desire to experience work-life harmony (being able to feel at peace with whatever we are doing).

“What we desire and seek for ourselves is what we desire and seek for others”……Kingfisher Remote Jobs was born….

What are our aims?

We aim to bring remote working at the forefront of how people, all around the globe, now work.

We are digital nomads ourselves and location independent is our lifestyle. We are inspired and have read amazing stories of individuals who live and work all over the world. Also, there are many wonderful co-working spaces, which have grown over the years. These co-working spaces support remote workers in their endeavours to live life to its fullest.

Remote Working from 2019 onwards

In an article written in Forbes Magazine, by Abdullahi Muhammed, he talks about the shift in how we are working. He stated “All signs indicate that we are nowhere close to hitting the plateau. Businesses across public and private sector increasingly recognise the benefits of hiring and retaining remote workers”

Why Kingfisher as a name?

During walks out in nature, a blue-eared kingfisher would periodically fly by. It always looked peaceful; flying with poise and an ambience of serenity. When deciding on a name for our business, the kingfisher (assuming it was the same one) appeared. Keen to find out what it symbolised was perfect for our business – Peace and Prosperity. Remote working is a step in the right direction, in finding inner-peace and thus prosperity in all areas of life.

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Follow us on our blogging journey, every month; bringing like-minded, individuals together. Whether you are a veteran or novice remote worker – we have your back!

Employers – let us know your needs. We are not a one–size-fits-all business, and will be happy to look at collaborating and diversifying.

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Peace and Prosperity

Kingfisher Remote Jobs Team

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